Darth Vader Enforces Quarantine, Face Masks for Lip Reading, and More Positive COVID-19 Stories

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From Darth Vader to inflatable unicorn costumes, people are finding more outrageous ways to social distance. They’re also coming up with creative ways to serve the vulnerable through manufacturing design and technology.  

Detroit Man Uses Savings to Buy Gas for Nurses

Allen Marshall had been pinching pennies to save up for something nice for himself. Realizing the sacrifice of nurses working on the front lines in the hospital to combat COVID-19, he decided to do something to give back to them. Marshall fashioned himself a sign that read “” and gave away $900 in gas at the Exxon Express near the DMC Hospital in Detroit. When a woman named Alana heard his story, she chipped in another $200 and helped pump the gas.

$1 Million Investment Shows Brand Power Even Amid Pandemic

At a time when nonessential storefronts face mandatory temporary closure amid the pandemic, some well-known name brands have filed for bankruptcy. However, Black Girl Sunscreen has been innovating through its online retail business to stay afloat. Now, founder Shontay Lundy has landed a . This would be big news for any entrepreneur, but considering black women business owners only garner 1% of venture capital funding, this investment heralds the power of her brand.

College Student Makes Face Masks That Allow Deaf Community to Read Lips

For the deaf and hard of hearing community (DHH) that relies on lip-reading, face masks are helping stop the spread of COVID-19 but are drastically impeding communication. It’s not as easy as suggesting they switch over to American Sign Language (ASL), as a stunning of deaf individuals are not taught how to sign, probably because most families don’t sign with their deaf children.

21-year-old Ashley Lawrence, who is studying education for those who are hearing impaired or deaf at Eastern Kentucky University, has developed face masks that feature clear panels so that the wearers’ lips can still be read; the straps are also suitable for those who use hearing aids and cochlear implants. She’s so that those who are hearing impaired can provide them to their physicians.

The Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC) has also provided for how to make similar masks.

Darth Vader Enforces Quarantine in the Philippines

In the Philippines, to enforce COVID-19 quarantine measures. Riding up in wooden boats, they delivered non-perishables such as canned food and rice to those in the villages outside of Manila. It was all part of last month’s Star Wars Day.

Idaho Foster Care Children Can Now See Their Parents in Person

There has been an uptick in anxiety among children in the foster-care system during the coronavirus outbreak. Parents were their children due to social-distancing mandates. However, the governor released a to reopen, and now children and parents are so long as both parties wear face masks and adhere to hygiene rules.

Zoom Adoptions Take Place Across the Country

Five-month-old was adopted by Anthony Lach and Chris More, of Florida, over Zoom. The baby, who had been born in Arizona and spent his first week in the NICU because of a traumatic birth and inflamed lung, is now healthy at 吉祥彩票官网 in Florida.

Kimberly Wieneke and her husband, of Arkansas, had been fostering a two-year-old boy named . When they found out in February that the parental rights had been terminated, they began the process of adopting him. Because courts were closed during the pandemic, the adoption hearing was done over Zoom.

Two-year-old was adopted by Cayela and Evan Moody, of Florida, over Zoom. She had been living with them since she was only seven days old. Since they couldn’t throw a large gathering to celebrate amid the pandemic, those in the Fostering Hope foster-care community group drove by in a car parade.

17-year-old was adopted by Chad and Paul Beanblossom, of Tennessee, over Zoom. Michael’s mother had died, and he was in nine foster-care 吉祥彩票官网s in the five years he spent in foster care.

Online Daters Turn to Video, Get to Know Each Other More Personally

While much has been made of hookup apps in recent years, social-distancing measures are leading to courtship taking a slower, more traditional turn. According to , only 6% of people used video chat to get to know someone before going on a date with them, but now 69% of online daters feel open to video chatting first. The result of this is that there isn’t the awkwardness of what type of meeting spot to pick, who should pay, and if there should be a first kiss on a first date. Potential couples are getting to know each other on a deeper level through conversation.

One initiative capitalizing on this is NYC Virtual Dating: Catch Feelings, Not COVID, which coordinates speed dates over video calls. Founders Chelsea Mandel and Amanda Shane ask singles to fill out a dating questionnaire on Google Form, and then, instead of using algorithms, people up for 15-minute video calls over FaceTime or WhatsApp.

In another trend, daters are apparently stating in their if they have the COVID-19 antibodies.

Brew Dogs Help Deliver Beer

Two aptly named golden retrievers, Buddy and Barley are the cutest deliverers in business. The cofounders of Six Harbors Brewing 吉祥彩票官网 in Huntington, New York, Mark and Karen Heuwetter, are bringing the along for deliveries since the brewery is allowed to deliver but not serve in-house. The dogs go along for the ride more for spreading a little cheer than doing actual work. The dogs, who are only 3 and 1 years old, respectively, wear empty beer cans on their collars and take photos with customers.

Florida Woman Maintains Social Distancing by Wearing Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Speaking of dogs, Tiffany Roehr, of Florida, wanted to bring a little levity to social distancing so she put on an when she went to walk her dogs. Hey, sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

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